Emma and David: Wedding, Central Otago, New Zealand

Omakau – a small unassuming town in Central Otago – seems like an unusual choice of location for a wedding if you’re from Dunedin and you live in the UK, but this is a special place for Emma, who married David here a couple of weeks ago. It’s where she spent childhood summers camping with her family, and she is still in love with the wild, rocky landscape. So Emma and David held their outdoor wedding reception in the courtyard of the Omakau Commercial Hotel. The ceremony was over the hill in Clyde.

The Central Otago heat is more intense than Dunedin. The inside of my car felt like an oven driving between locations, but later on, the dying heat of the day meant that Emma and David and their close friends and family could enjoy amazing food, wine, and dancing outdoors under a soft pink sky. It was magical. I could have stayed all night if I didn’t need to drive back for a Dunedin wedding the next day.

David is from the UK and has Welsh roots, so I knew he’d be a good’un. His mother did a beautiful reading in Welsh during their ceremony. Although she is a New Zealander, Emma also has Scottish roots, so there was a lovely mix of cultures throughout the day. Emma’s mother passed away 3 years ago, and Emma carried an image of her throughout the day on her bouquet. There were lots of emotional moments, and lovely words from family and friends. It was a small and very personal wedding, with the people closest to Emma and David contributing lots to the big day. One enormous contribution (in my eyes) was the fact that Emma’s sister in law, who gave birth THAT MORNING, came to the wedding in the afternoon, with her brand new baby (!) …I have a new hero. David’s dad never flies, but he made a big effort for his son and flew halfway across the world to watch David get married. It just goes to show how much these two mean to their families – nobody wanted to miss this wedding.

I only met Emma and David a few days before the wedding day, but if felt like I’d known them a while. They are friendly, funny, down to earth people who care deeply about their loved ones. One of whom (bridesmaid Anna) was Elmer’s beloved teacher from last year. Suffice to say, I had a beautiful day with a great bunch of peeps 🙂


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