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old photographs

The other day I was sorting through some old boxes, and inevitably came across a stack of photographs I felt compelled to sit and look through. As always when flicking through photographs, some made me stop and look at them a little longer.

There is my first baby, running his hands through the warm grass, that day when the house was still just a timber frame in a meadow. There is Mum on her birthday, with that look on her face that speaks of happiness and late summer and possibly two glasses of wine that night.

I can summon up those moments right now – that little warm and grubby hand on my arm, the other hand gently picking seed heads and dandilions. That evening with Mum as she opened her presents in the glow of the candles on the table and the fading September light.

The feelings those photographs bring back is almost tangible.


My aim is to help you remember how things FELT. Exactly how it was to see your husband for the first time on your wedding day, whilst your best friend choked back tears in the front row. Exactly how it felt to wrap your arms around your child when the world seemed too much for them. Exactly how it felt when you sat in the grass at the end of the day and your feet were dirty and you laughed at something silly.

I look for beautiful light. I go the extra mile. I want to take that shot that stops you later on and makes you smile. Or cry. Or laugh.

I live in beautiful Waitati, just outside of Dunedin in New Zealand with my husband, two boys, one dog (also a boy) and a bunch of chickens.

I’ve been a professional photographer for 9 years, and above all I love to tell stories. Whether that’s the biggest day of your life, or a little day full of moments that will feel just as important when you look back at them in many years to come.


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In 2016, I treated myself to talents of Sharon Thompson from Bloom Photography in Christchurch. Sharon is also a documentary photographer, and one day at the very end of summer she spent 24 hours capturing our messy (but beautiful) day. Here is just a snippet of her wonderful work:



Seeing these images and knowing that they are mine to treasure forever has made me even more passionate about getting out there and capturing families here and now. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that all these fleeting moments are mine to keep. To contact me for your next photo session, click HERE


I am a Dunedin based photographer willing to travel throughout Otago and further afield in New Zealand and internationally. I am often in the UK for the European summer. I am a wedding photographer and a documentary style portrait photographer, but also take on other photography commissions.