The Jenkins hit Thailand, 2017

This year we planned an ambitious family reunion (to meet with my family – my brothers, sister in laws, sister, new baby niece, and my parents) in Thailand. My brother lives and works in Bangkok with his amazing girlfriend who planned the trip for us all. The rest of my family lives in Wales and England, but this year is my dad’s 70th birthday so we pulled out all the stops to get together for a holiday. This would be the first time we’ve all hung out together for a very long time.

We booked two weeks along the coast of Phuket during the hottest time of the year there (that’s the only time we could all make it together). We spent a lot of time cooling off in swimming pools and the sea, but we also managed a couple of trips to see local wildlife and beauty spots. Elmer got his fill of water, water, water and more water to play in, and Milo got his fix of stray animals to cuddle (he likes to live on the edge….)

The boys love adventures, and they adore their grandparents, uncles and aunts. I’m grateful we Skype regularly so that we can all just pick up from where we left off, with the boys arguing over who gets to sit next to Grandma, and sharing stories with Grandad about ghosts, giant dogs and lava monsters. It was so special to see Elmer and Milo with their new cousin. Milo in particular was fascinated with Molly and loved spending time with her. It also felt so good for all us siblings (and partners) to spend time together, even if a lot of it was spent stopping Milo from certain death / ruining someone else’s meal / low level violence.

As always these things pass in a blur of happy, wonderful, breathtaking, tiring, frustrating, funny, chaotic moments, and as always I’m happy I have my camera with me so that I can re-live them all later…


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