Lifestyle shoot: The Keng Beggs Family

We have some pretty windy days in New Zealand and the one that Betty and Kyle chose for a photoshoot (at the end of last year) with their two children was no exception. The whole family was taking a trip around the south island in a campervan and happened to be passing through Dunedin. Since I’ve photographed these two before for their wedding and their business up in Taranaki, it was so great to have the opportunity to meet their two children and capture them all somewhere local to me. We headed down to my beach – Doctor’s Point in Waitati – where at low tide you can walk through the cave tunnel and get to another tiny little beach that’s totally protected from a southerly wind. It was warm and beautiful! The children had a ball playing in the sand, rock climbing and paddling in the sea. These children are uncannily like mine, with the eldest being a sensitive, adventurous, thinking type, and their youngest being slightly more nuts (meant in the nicest way possible, haha).

We had a beautiful time on the beach, and as we headed back out into the wind to head home I was really looking forward to checking out the shots we’d captured together. Only now am I getting around to blogging them though 🙂


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