Jessica and Jesse, Wedding in Earnscleugh, New Zealand

Bring on the sun. Bring on a beautiful little lake set next to an orchard. Bring your children (lots of children). Bring your dogs, your dance moves, your good food and conversation. Bring your boat rowing skills and your impromptu rapping. Bring friends, family and good times…. it’s time for Jessica and Jesse’s wedding.

To be honest just dogs and impromptu rapping is enough to keep me interested, but throw in 17 (I think?) children doing their thing, and the most amazing little location next to Jessica’s mum and step dad’s new place and I was so happy to be shooting this wedding.

I remember meeting Jessica last year at Thom and Kathryn’s wedding, where little Ithaca-Jane was a gorgeous 1 year old. This year as her parents married, Ithaca-Jane was old enough to have an inkling of how special the day was. She got ready with her mum in fabulous still-wooden-scented accommodation next to the main house. I loved the quotes running up the stairway. Outside in the apricot orchard people put up tents to stay in overnight, and the marquee, decorated simply and with love the night before, sat under the dappled light of old weeping willow trees.

Jessica and Jesse married next to the weeping willows and the lake. Jessica bought her dress before becoming pregnant with their second baby, but it still fit beautifully. Afterwards there were epic amounts of tasty canapés, whilst people chatted on the grass. To entertain the hordes of children J & J booked in the amazing Anna van Riel who sang and entertained in the hot sun, and there were also bubbles and games and floating paper boats in the water.

In the evening after a huge meal, Jessica’s mum brought out 8 or 9 homemade ice creams that were so delicious.

Jessica and Jesse floated through their day. They are both so genuine and friendly. Capturing them with Ithaca-Jane in the evening sun, as the light poured through the trees, it was easy to see how happy they all make each other.


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