Georgia the adventure girl : Family Shoot in Dunedin

Georgia is the most delightful little girl. She is 17 months old and loves to dance. She also loves animals, adventure, being at the beach, and destroying daddy’s sandcastles. Georgia views the world with a wide eyed and happy wonder.  She also has the most beautiful little personalilty, I was really taken with her 🙂

As regular viewers will have noticed (!) I love to capture families reading together. For me it’s such an intimate little activity, and I love capturing the expressions and the immersion of reading a story together. So along with some dancing and an introduction to Georgia’s favourite toys (where we became pals), we began our shoot at home reading some books. Including one that Georgia’s grandmother made her full of tiny interesting pictures, like an enormous baby scrapbook. It was beautiful.

Later we headed off to a little patch of forest and then the beach, where Georgia is happiest. We had the loveliest day, lots of warm sun and no wind.

Oh and I have to mention that Georgia is so obsessed with animals, that when I showed her a spider crawling on my arm in the forest patch, we spend the next 20 minutes of our shoot either finding leaf blankets for the spider, or collecting flowers to decorate his house, or making him a little hut out of sticks. He was a little less active once Georgia stepped on him (!!) but thankfully there are always other creatures waiting around the corner to be found 🙂


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