Zoe and Stretch, Wedding in Wanaka, New Zealand

Zoe and Craig (or Stretch as everybody knows him) married at Glendhu Station. Before the NZ winter I shot my last – end of season – wedding here too. This place is spectacular, and it was lovely to be back for the start of this new wedding season, on a warm and bright early spring day. It was so early into spring that apart from the warmth of the day, it still looked like winter, with the snow capped peaks of the Wanaka mountains in the distance and the low, dramatic winters’ sun.

Zoe and Stretch picked this venue partly because of those snowy peaks – they are both snowboarders who spent a lot of time here before they left to travel the world – and this area represents to them somewhere with a lot of happy memories. The beauty of getting married at the edge of winter is that if you are VERY lucky, you can have a snowboarding holiday and have your wedding day on a surprisingly spring like day too. Win!

These two have been together for 13 years and chalked up a lot of travel, memories and stories together. I loved listening to their speeches and hearing some of the best ones. Photographing guests cracking up with laughter and overcome with happy emotion is such a lovely way to show a couple how much they are loved, and how enjoyable their wedding was. What a total pleasure it was spending the day with two such easy going and genial people. Everyone was surprised at how lucky they were to score this beautiful day in amongst the winter weather, but really for Zoe and Stretch their focus was getting all their favourite people together in one of their favourite places. When you book a wedding at this time of year and your priority is people, food, music (and some snowboarding) somewhere this spectacular, you can’t really go wrong.


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