A Day in the Life of the Hettihewa-Young Family

I can’t begin to describe what a privilege it is to be let into a family’s world for an entire day. To photograph everything that happens, all the big stuff, and all the little stuff in between, with the aim of capturing that one day as a capsule in time.

I’ve known Natasha for a few years – she took over a job I did at a university many moons ago and we bonded over the online computer programme 😉 Natasha and James got engaged and I photographed them in London on a cold and empty day in the city. Natasha was beautiful and had a totally rocking coat and shoe combo. James was a stylish music fiend who adored her with an equally rocking coat and shoe combo. They got married a year later and I was lucky enough to capture their wedding.

Natasha and James now live in England where Natasha saw the Day in the Life images that Sharon took for me. The images resonated with Natasha because she also has two boys, and that’s just how she wanted them captured – sparkling with life, unrestrained, and also…. very muddy. She couldn’t imagine taking her kids to a studio and managing to capture the essence of them. It just so happened I was in the UK this year, so we managed to made this photoshoot work, and how pleased I am that we did 🙂

Having intense, energetic, passionate, loving, creative and thoughtful children is challenging. Especially when they both want to wear the same coat. Natasha and James parent with such patience and grace, they seem like complete professionals. They draw the best out of each child, using humour, creativity, silly voices, cuddles and love. It was a pleasure to watch this family work together. One day when all the lego creations and cupcakes have been remodelled or eaten (I hope you ate those decorated cakes guys!) what will remain will be a collection of images that describe how these beautiful people lived and loved, one day when their babies were four, and two years old.


Beautiful documentary coverage of a family

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