Travels so far… reporting from Wales

This is the first time Steven has been back to the UK with us for 8 years. He stayed for a month – me and the boys are here for a bit longer. Of course my first thought when I knew my husband would be coming was ‘YES!….another ADULT on the plane!!!!’ and then of course I thought of the added bonus of actually spending time with him.

We spent a week in Thailand in the middle of July, visiting my brother, his girlfriend, and staying with some friends of ours from NZ. We decided on the easy option of a poolside holiday, so 95% of the images I took are of Elmer jumping into a pool, doing a slightly different version of a new trick.

We’ve also been camping in Wales and had a short trip to France where we stayed with friends and their family in a beautiful big farmhouse for a hot few days.

The most constant aspect of travelling for the boys is being in a plane, or a bus, or a train. Life is simpler when you’re 6, or 3, so getting on a bus in a foreign country is as exciting as going to the beach or having a night swim, or eating one chocolate button. It’s beautiful to see the world through their eyes, both of them so over awed by the every day sights they see through the bus windows.

As always with small children (one of whom wants mummy to carry him everywhere), it’s a challenge to take any photographs at all, but being away from home is inspiring, it has felt good at times to get lost in my camera again.

The highlights of my trips are always seeing friends and family I haven’t seen for years, but the small yet memorable moments are the reason I take photos at all; Milo, delighted with the baby frog at the campsite, travelling in an open top car to feed the horses in France, walking through the forest and finding the fairy doors, Milo tracking down a dog to pat wherever we go….

Here are a few from the end of July and the start of August…


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