Rebekah and Elliot

When I met Rebekah and her 3 (but almost 4) year old daughter Elliot for their winter photoshoot I instantly recognised Elliot, but I wasn’t sure why. Rebekah told me that often people recognise her because Elliot had a very traumatic start to life with a liver disease that required a transplant. It turns out I followed Elliot’s journey on her awareness raising facebook page – Elliot is now 3 years post transplant and an absolute delight. She is one of the most animated and expressive children I’ve photographed and such fun. I’m so pleased that her personality shines out of these images… her wide eyed wonder, endless stories and her all consuming laughter.

We hung out at one of my favourite spots for children this age, and looked for fairies. I promised Elliot she might see one land on her hand (hence the disney-fied image below!) and we blew glitter around, lay in the grass, tromped through the woods and had all sorts of imaginative fun. I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely afternoon photoshoot. Rebekah is an amazing mother, evident online but even more so with her energetic daughter. It was a pleasure to capture their close relationship 🙂


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