Ling and Ed, Wedding in Dunedin, New Zealand

At the risk of repeating myself (and in the wedding industry I realise there’s a risk of that 😉 ), April = the best light of the whole year for weddings in NZ (I’m bias), and the *potential* for a beautiful warm day without the high summer heat. Check.

Also… Pukehiki church and hall on the peninsula, one of my all-time favourite wedding locations. Check.

All we need now is an insanely lovely, happy pair of people to complete the wedding equation. Meet Ling and Ed: check. Oh and their completely adorable daughter Isla who thankfully decided to be my friend on the day. Double check.

If I look at these wedding images and try to pretend I don’t know these people, that I’ve never met them or photographed them before, then I’m pretty sure I’d like them anyway. I’m sure I’d like their carefree and colorful wedding style, the way they are so quick to laugh, their sense of humour evident in the life sized cardboard cut out of friends who couldn’t be at their wedding, their relationships with those around them, that they gifted their girl a beautiful locket so that she was included in the ceremony, the INCREDIBLE and stylish job Ling (and helpers) did of the hall decor…her artistry. Ling and Ed look like the kind of people you’d want to be friends with.

So I’m pretty lucky I actually got to go to their wedding, hang out with their confident, inquisitive daughter, listen to their warm and funny words, meet their family and friends and capture the moments that unfolded before me. It was totally my pleasure. Oh and the chocolate pie was worth staying for aswel. Hic…


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