Tarryn and Jasper, Wedding in Pounawea, New Zealand

Tarryn and Jasper were both at a point in their lives when they needed something special to happen. Serendipity stepped in (in the form of the internet), they met, and happily fell deeply in love with each other. Each of them brought a beautiful daughter to the relationship, and now they have set up a lovely nest in Auckland where Tarryn is also a photographer. Although they live in the north, Tarryn’s heart is partly in the south – right down in the wild Catlins where they decided to host their wedding.

This wedding was a labour of love in every sense of the word. The ceremony and reception were held at Pounawea Accommodation Centre, run by Tarryn’s beloved grandparents. They, along with family helpers, transformed an enormous area of overgrown brush into a beautiful tree lined forest wedding setting. The amount of work they put in to achieve what they did was impressive – it took a year on and off. The reception was on the same grounds, in an old hall attached to the venue, that Tarryn had meticulously made over into her dream of a delightful gypsy paradise. They had a vague theme for the wedding that was ‘Whiskey and Wildflowers’, referring to Jasper’s Scottish heritage, and Tarryn’s gypsy alter ego. It sounds slightly crazy, but somehow Tarryn pulled it off. Here too an enormous amount of work went into making, crafting, curating and decorating. There were dreamcatchers and teapots mixed with the family tartan, a sword to cut the cakes (all handmade by Tarryn’s dedicated mother), bird’s nests, greenery, wild flowers, and my favourite – tiny deer adorning the wedding cake.

Sometimes at a wedding I am moved by the handwritten vows or the heartfelt speeches. However, it’s not often that people truely wear their hearts on their sleeves and let everyone see exactly what they are feeling. Aside from the beautiful location, the fun people and the idea of a wedding that was a bit different, what I enjoyed so much at this wedding was capturing the raw emotion.

I don’t think I have ever seen so much love expressed in one room. I have never seen this many tears (of joy) at a wedding, or seen people laugh until they cry quite so much. Tarryn and Jasper are not afraid to show how much they adore each other, and as a wedding photographer there really is no better satisfaction than capturing that adoration and joy and bottling it up into my photographs. People who love so deeply and so honestly are often good, kind people, and this is true in Tarryn and Jasper’s case. They’ve both had their ups and downs in life, but in a fairy tale sense this wedding was the culmination of all of that experience and hard work and a little bit of fate.

I took a lot of photographs at this wedding, plus I was lucky enough to have Ben Benvie, a VERY talented documentary photographer based in Canada second shooting for me. I just adore his work. He captured the boys getting ready and the rest of the day from his angle, and I’ve included one shot of his here. See if you can guess which one it is 🙂 I didn’t want to post too many of his as I will add a link here when Ben puts up his own blog of this wedding. He is an ambassador for Fuji Cameras so he’ll be doing a review of the camera he used to shoot the wedding with..

And now, on to some images 🙂


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