Eva and Warren, Wedding in Dunedin, New Zealand

A couple of hours before Eva and Warren got married, we stood in the long summer grass of a paddock overlooking the hills of the peninsula. A layer of fine white mist gently divided the brilliant blue of the ocean and the deep blue of the sky, shading the hills from the sun and creating a surreal film-like light. As Eva and Warren held hands he looked into her eyes and gently recited his wedding vows to her. It was such an incredibly beautiful moment I looked around to see if anyone else had witnessed it. If I’d been directing a movie I would have punched the air and declared this the perfect scene.

Later on when Eva and Warren recited those vows again in front of 120 family and friends packed into the little white wooden church at Pukehiki, there were plenty of tears. Plenty of laughter too. People who love them had travelled from all over the world to be a part of this happy day.

The reception was held right across the road in the church hall, where Eva, Warren, and a team of amazing family and friends had created a wedding extravaganza. Cake, flowers, decorations, candles, food, food and more food had been all been carefully hand made to share that afternoon. All the guests brought a salad. There was venison from Warren’s recent hunting trip, salmon and lamb – all provided by friends. Before the meal each guest was introduced individually, a lovely touch that made this wedding more about everyone else than it was about Eva and Warren.

There was no unnecessary fuss, just all the good stuff, plated up for everyone to enjoy. Lunch was at a close friend’s house just before the ceremony, where we captured some family groups together. Eva’s dress wasn’t a surprise to Warren – he chose it! Eva’s two beautiful boys were an important part of the day, and even though poor Luka was sick he was brave enough to hold his head high for the ceremony and enjoy watching two of the people he loves most in the world get married.

In the evening we snuck outside for a quiet moment as the sun set. Once again the light was beautiful and I was delighted – it’s not often we strike it lucky with the light twice in one day. I couldn’t think of a more deserving or joyous couple… congratulations you two!


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